I am planning to combine magic mushrooms/truffles with another drugs. What are the consequences?

Combining different drugs is extra risky and unpredictable. If you combine, you are more likely to have problems with your health. For more information, check the theme Drugs and combination use.

Magic mushrooms/truffles with cannabis

Hash and weed lengthen and intensify the mushroom trip and can make your trip unpredictable, which is certainly not always experienced as pleasant. If you enjoy your trip, don’t smoke weed because it increases the chance of an unpleasant experience.
You may feel like you’re reliving some of the magic mushroom effects while smoking weed.

Magic mushrooms / truffles with cocaine or speed

If you combine magic mushrooms or truffles with one of these substances, you increase the chance that you will become anxious or panic. You never really know what kind of effects you can expect. If you have been awake for a while on an upper and you take mushrooms or truffles, the chance is especially greater than you get some paranoid thoughts.

Magic mushrooms / truffles with XTC

If you combine magic mushrooms or truffles with MDMA (XTC), there is a chance that the experience will become very intense. If you choose to combine it, take less of both drugs than you would if you were taking one drug alone.