I am planning to combine 2C-B with another drug. What are the risks?

No research has been done into combination use with 2C-B, but in general: combining drugs increase the risks. You are more likely to have health problems. We describe the effects and risks of a number of common or high-risk combinations. More info: combining drugs.

Alcohol weakens the euphoric effects of 2C-B. Because of the 2C-B the effects of alcohol are less noticeable. When the 2C-B has worn off, you can suddenly feel very drunk.

Users sometimes combine 2C-B with XTC. If you combine drugs, take less of both drugs than if you take one drug. The combination can be very intense.

The combination with ketamine makes everything much more vague. It is then more difficult to understand the world around you. This can make you feel anxious.

The same also applies to nitrous oxide. The combination with 2C-B makes nitrous oxide more intense than if you take sober nitrous oxide.