What about the different versions of ketamine?

There are several versions of the ketamine molecule. There is a left-handed (L), a right-handed (R) version and the combination of both versions. We call the latter racemate or a racemic version (left and right 50-50). The levorotatory ketamine is called esketamine. The dextrorotatory ketamine is called arketamine. The atoms on the molecule are exactly the same but they are mirrored. Just like your hands are exactly the same, yet not: they are each other’s mirror image.
The appearance of the ketamine does not tell you anything about which one you have. Ketamine can be crystallized in rods, spheres, sugar, needles, etc. So what it looks like does not provide information about which ketamine you have.

It is difficult to determine exactly which version is on the Dutch drug market, but it seems that ketamine is racemic on the recreational drug market. Half left-handed and half right-handed. This is apparent from information that we have received via the DIMS (Dutch test service, Trimbos Institute). Research in Austria also shows that 99% of the Austrian market is racemic. It is very expensive to investigate which version you have (left, racemic or right), which is why the DIMS does not analyse it. Only if you have real pharmaceutical grade ketamine in liquid form do you know which form you have: left-handed ketamine. But that liquid ketamine is very rare.