How did the use of 4-FA start?

Although scientific studies have been conducted with this drug as early as 1975, 4-FA has been available on the recreational drug market since approximately 2005. On the testing service we see 4-FA since about 2007. It was initially mainly sold as speed or ecstasy. But as of 2012, 4-FA is increasingly brought to the testing service as 4-FA and is sold less and less as anything else. Since 2012, Unity has also been asked more questions about 4-FA. The popularity of the drug therefore seems to be increasing considerably. This is confirmed by a survey by the Trimbos Institute among frequent goers (the large nightlife survey). Of the frequent partygoers surveyed, 10% indicated that they had used 4-FA at some point. This makes 4-FA the most commonly used NPS (new psychoactive substance).

Demand has decreased since the warning in 2016 from the Trimbos Institute, Unity and various addiction care facilities. 4-FA can lead to brain hemorrhages. Since that warning, the drug’s popularity has declined. There is still a small number of people who prefer 4-FA over other drugs.