How did the use of 2C-B start?

2C-B was first synthesized in 1974 by chemist Alexander Shulgin. Shulgin made all kinds of psychoactive substances in his own laboratory and tested these substances on himself and a group of friends. In his book ‘PiHKAL’ (Phenetylamines I Have Known And Loved) he reports on various synthetic substances. In the early 1970s, Shulgin was looking for other variants of the strong hallucinogens he had created before, such as DOB and DOM.

2C-B is less powerful than DOB and less effective. There is a similarity in the chemical structure however. 2C-B was first offered for sale legally as an aphrodisiac (drugs that stimulate lust and increase sexual performance) through the company Drittewelle under the names ‘Nexus’ and ‘Erox’. Later, 2C-B was offered for sale for a short time in Dutch smart shops (in tablets of 5 or 8 mg). This came to an end when the drug was placed on list 1 of the Opium Act in 1997. Today there is an illegal market for 2C-B and this drug is used by a small group of people.