Does GHB exist in powder form?

Yes, GHB also exists in powder form. This is very rare. If you want to use this in powder form, it is important to dose well, because this is a more concentrated form than the liquid version. On average, one tube of 4 ml of GHB is converted 1.5-2.5 g of GHB. Because GHB has to be taken in such small amounts to avoid an overdose, it is important to be aware of this. Make sure you know exactly how many milliliters you are taking. If you don’t have a tube, buy a small plastic syringe with the milliliters written on it. These can be purchased at pharmacies, pet stores or online. This significantly reduces the risk of an overdose!

GHB powder attracts moisture from the air. So it quickly becomes a dirty mess. Therefore, it is more convenient to store it as a liquid. If it is moist, it is even more difficult to dose because you do not know exactly how much moisture is in it. Unless it’s all liquid, you can have it tested.