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What does alcohol do to your teeth?

Damage to your teeth If you drink alcohol, your bodily coordination is affected negatively, which might cause you to fall. Or maybe you just have a shorter fuse. This makes […]

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What does smoking tobacco do to your teeth?

Bad breath Maybe not harmful, but very annoying. Not only will your clothes and the room in which you smoke tobacco start to smell of smoke, it also gives you […]

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How does smoking cannabis influence your teeth?

Munchies After using cannabis, it can happen that you loot the entire fridge. And especially all the delicious sweet things. Cookies, cake, chocolate… Everything you eat or drink (with the […]

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How does cocaine influence your teeth?

Coke on your gums Some people think you can test cocaine by putting it on your gums, but this is a myth. It can actually be bad for your teeth. […]

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How does ecstasy affect your teeth?

Grinding You may recognize that after using ecstasy your jaws are all over the place. Not only annoying and sometimes painful, but the grinding and clenching is also very bad […]

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