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Through the oral mucosa

Drugs can enter the body through the oral mucosa. For example nicotine gum or LSD. When taking the LSD papertrip, many users will not swallow the papertrip immediately, but will […]

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Rectal/anal or vaginal

In rectal administration, drugs are taken through the anus. This practice is not often practiced by recreational users. When taken rectally, the drug is absorbed through the mucous membrane of […]

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Oral, eating or swallowing

Eating or swallowing drugs is a slow route of administration. In your stomach, the drugs come into contact with an acidic environment and digestive enzymes. Which means that a part […]

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Intranasal or snorting

When snorting a drug you feel the effect after a few minutes. So this is a very quick way of taking it. The nasal mucosa contains many small blood vessels […]

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Injecting a drug provides a quick and intense effect. When injected into a vein (intravenously), you feel the effect after 15-30 seconds, when injected into the muscles (intramuscularly) or under […]

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When inhaled, the active substance ends up in the lungs. There are many blood vessels in the lungs and the drug is quickly absorbed into the blood. The blood is […]

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