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What if I have medical complaints after the use of partydrugs?

Some complaints after using drugs can last longer, A medical explanation or even treatment may then be necessary. The Brijder has set up a national consultancy for party drugs related […]

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How did the use of herbal ecstasy start?

The first herbal XTCs appeared on the market in the late 1990s when the first smart shops were opened. They started by combining different substances to develop legal alternatives to […]

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What about the law and herbal ecstasy?

Herbal XTC is generally legal, but it is possible that smart shops secretly sell illegal substances as if it were legal herbal XTC. If one of the ingredients is banned, […]

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I am taking medications and want to take a herbal XTC. What do I have to think of?

Combining drugs with medications can be risky. Little research has been done on many combinations. The Jellinek website contains a ‘medicine matrix‘ where you can read what the risks are […]

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I am planning to use herbal XTC with another drug. What can the consequences be?

Combining different drugs is extra risky and unpredictable. If you combine, you are more likely to have problems with your health. For more information, check the theme Drugs and combination use. […]

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