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I would like to receive advice or help with reducing (or quitting) my substance use, where can I go?

You can call with the Jellinek Advice Line to share your story and receive advice about your personal situation. You can call through 088 505 1220 (daily from 9 AM […]

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My question was not in this list. Where can I ask my question?

Mail: Jellinek Advice Phone: 088 – 505 1220 (Daily from 9 AM till 5 PM) Jellinek Q&A Chat alcohol & drugs: direct contact with an expert about substance use, daily from […]

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How do I know if something is fake news?

Fake news has been a problem for a while and can contribute to anxiety. Fake news messages, which can lead to unsettlement or motivate people to do the wrong thing, […]

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Where can I find reliable information on the corona virus regarding the Netherlands?

Soa-Aids Nederland gives answers on questions regarding sex, STI’s and the corona virus (English). RIVM: Up-to-date information and advice regarding the corona virus (English). Rijksoverheid: up-to-date information from the Dutch government […]

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