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Someone close to me uses this substance almost every weekend. Should I worry?

When someone close to you uses a substance often it is normal to worry. There are risks: to physical health; that he/she will gradually use more and more and become […]

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What are the risks when you drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Drinking one or more glasses of alcohol reduces fertility in both men and women. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages, premature birth and problems in mental development, such […]

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How is alcohol created? And in what forms does it come?

Alcohol is created from fermentation. Grapes are used for wine, barley and wheat for beer and grains or fruits for spirits. The natural fermentation process stops at about 15% alcohol. […]

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What is the norm for responsible alcohol use?

In the Netherlands, the Health Council applies a medically responsible standard for alcohol consumption. Based on an extensive consideration of the positive and negative effects of alcohol on health, the […]

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What does the blood alcohol level mean?

Alcohol does not cause the same blood alcohol level (BAC) in everyone. BAC is the number of grams of alcohol per liter of blood. There are all kinds of personal […]

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