Coronavirus and drugs

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We are Unity. This summer we planned to educate others about alcohol and drugs at over 100 festivals all throughout the Netherlands. However, to our greatest regrets, all events are cancelled and our agenda remains empty until further notice from the government.

That’s something we all are very sad about. Especially for our partners in the events industry who work very hard to make ends meet and provide us with love, music and parties as soon as we can leave the coronavirus behind us. We miss you very much!

With Unity, we provide peer-education for over 24 years at parties and festivals. We do this because we think it is very important that people can reach out to others for an open-minded and confidential conversation about drug use. The aim here is to provide people with up-to-date and reliable information about the risks of drug use, but also to provide others with tips and tricks to use drugs in a responsible way and prevent unnecessary risks.

Unfortunately this can not be done in a face-to-face manner like we all are used to. But we are still there for our community. Especially now, but for the meantime online.

Check out our Unity Q&A below for all your questions and answers regarding the coronavirus and drug use.

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Where can I find reliable information on the corona virus regarding the Netherlands?

  • Soa-Aids Nederlandgives answers on questions regarding sex, STI’s and the corona virus (English).
  • RIVM: Up-to-date information and advice regarding the corona virus (English).
  • Rijksoverheid: up-to-date information from the Dutch government (English).
  • nl: General website for information on health and disease (Dutch).
  • The Nederlands Jeugd Instituut offers information for young people, parents and professionals about the current precautions regarding the corona virus (Dutch).

How do I know if something is fake news?

Fake news has been a problem for a while and can contribute to anxiety. Fake news messages, which can lead to unsettlement or motivate people to do the wrong thing, are frequently shared in Whatsapp groups. We have collected a few articles on this topic:

  • What is fake news?– article from Webwise about fake news and the different kinds of fake news.
  • How to spot fake news– article from NPR National Public Radio about fake news and how to recognize it.

My question was not in this list. Where can I ask my question?

  • Mail:
  • Jellinek Advice Phone: 088 – 505 1220 (Daily from 9 AM till 5 PM)
  • Jellinek Q&A
  • Chat alcohol & drugs: direct contact with an expert about substance use, daily from 1 PM till 5 PM.
  • Wij zijn Mind: for questions regarding stress and other psychological issues (Dutch)

I would like to receive advice or help with reducing (or quitting) my substance use, where can I go?

You can call with the Jellinek Advice Line to share your story and receive advice about your personal situation. You can call through 088 505 1220 (daily from 9 AM till 5 PM).

Most clinics continue to give their treatments at their location but it may be given through digital consults. Contact your local healthcare for up-to-date information.

Online self-help is also available, for example at Jellinek.